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Lake Lewisville

Lake Lewisville Activities

Are you planning some time off of work to unwind? Take a trip to Lake Lewisville! It is the perfect opportunity to feed your hunger for adventure while enjoying a relaxing getaway from your daily life. 
Lake Lewisville is the perfect spot for Jet Skiing where you crash the waters for a thrilling Jet Ski experience. Enjoy the peaceful sunset and many other fun activities while you’re at it.

About Lake Lewisville

Spanning a large area of 29000 acres, Lake Lewisville is the perfect vacation and Jet Skiing spot in North Texas. With a 233 miles long shoreline and five marinas, you can fish, rent a boat, walk along the gorgeous coast, enjoy the cool breeze at the beach, and view the dazzling sunsets.
You’ll find great hiking and biking trails, golf courses, campgrounds, and more. It is time to live your dream holiday.

Top Activities

Lake Lewisville has some of the most thrilling activities in store for you.

Jet Ski Lake Lewisville

You don’t go to a lake so gorgeous and not hit the waters. Rent a Jet Ski and splash around the lake for one of the most fun and refreshing experiences of your life. Thrilling yet safe, this sport is great to do with your friends and families.
No wonder, Jet Skiing at Lake Lewisville ranks among the top activities.

Party Cove

Are you a party person, and the idea of a lake sounds seemingly dull to you? Well, Lake Lewisville has got you covered.
It has one of the most exciting parties near Westlake Park every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Join people at the cove to hang around in your Jet Ski, swim, listen to music, and of course, party!


Lake Lewisville is host to several large and beautiful campgrounds. Bring a tent or RV and enjoy the night under a blanket of stars, the moonlight, and a cool breeze.

Parks and Trails

Enjoy one of Lake Lewisville’s ten beautiful parks and many scenic trails! Take a short stroll, stop and picnic, or you can make it a long lakeside hike or bike ride!  

Lake Lewisville Jet Ski Rental

Come to Lake Lewisville for the perfect holiday. Rent a Jet Ski from Silverado Rentals and enjoy FREE rental delivery.
Our safe and durable Jet Ski will give you a secure ride around the waters. No need to worry about towing or bringing it back full of gas, Silverado Jet Ski Rental at Lake Lewisville will do it for you. Come and try for yourself!

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